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This is where I'm gonna put stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. Think of it as a 'misc' section. I've got a few things that i'm gonna put here so far, but I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to organize it. There'll be stuff here soon enough...


This is a program I wrote to hide/show the icons on a windows desktop. It should work with win95 and up, but I've only actually tested it on XP. Run it, and it'll hide your icons if they are shown or show your icons if they are hidden. A most convenient side effect (side effect in that I didn't plan/code it) is that if you hit the 'show desktop' icon in your quick launch menu (win98 and up, i think) and the icons were hidden, it'll show them and, after you double click one, will hide them again. This thing was really intended to be assigned to some kind of programmable key on your keyboard so that you can hide/show the icons with one button. I don't know of any bugs, but if you find something (or if you have an OS other than Xp and it works) let me know.