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perhaps i'd better start from the beginning...

Another day, another website. Gone through so many and learned so much. Learned much, but not enough. Don't know why I keep shutting them down. This is an experiment. If I bring it all together, will it support each other, or will it all fall apart? Time will tell. My collective thoughts and interests and experiments and boredom all on one page for your demusement. It'll probably have about 10 visitors. But that's more than most sites, I assume. If you decide to read, enjoy. If not, why are you reading? This is the sound of me rambling in an attempt to fill up the about page of my site. It's meaning is as lost as the XiMWiX title itself. Lost, lost, lost. This would sound cooler if I had some kind of echo effect. Echo-o-o-o-o-o.... Yeah, yeah, yeah... And this is where it all gets interesting. Now I'm all out of stuff to really say. Say it all, said it all, what to say? What'd you say? Was it something I said? Sorry. Apologies all around. Once through, twice fooled. Losing meaning again. Let me down, let me down. Climbing over, falling through. Behold! the creative process at it's worse. Over and over and over. Something something. Nothing nothing. Once and again. Twice and forever. Overuse all again. Barely enough. Do do do do. woo. Punctuation is the key. The key to the snow cave. Snow-covered ice. Brrr... All over the place, cold, cold, cold. This is still the about page. ARe you scared yet? Bored yet? Hungry yet? My hands are hurting full of tiny indents. Indents so deep. Indents from these annoying speaker things. As I type. Type my about page. That's what it's all about.