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I usually design web sites when I'm bored. Some turn out pretty good, other's tend to suck pretty badly. My first webpage, in case you were wondering, is no longer with us (i think). You aren't missing much, though. It was just some filler text (not unlike what you're reading now), a bunch of pictures of Homer, and a midi of "The Distance" by Cake in the background. Ah, the good old days...

Anyway, I just make sites when I feel like making them. If you want me to make you a site, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. I'll prolly do it for free, out of sheer boredom. Especially if it's for a band. So...uh...yeah...

Well, for now, I've gathered up all the old designs that I could find. A lot of them suck pretty badly, so bear with me. Also, be sure to read the descriptions first, so that way you'll at least get an idea of what I was trying to accomplish (but fail at miserably....). Click the titles to view the sites.

Ye Olde Gamers

Augh...Ye Olde Gamers. The ill-fated video game review site. This is actually the third design for the site. This design was made with the help of Dave. This site, despite the time I poured into it, never really pleased me. I'm not entirely sure what it was missing, but it was lacking something. All in all, I didn't like running it and it was an overall bad experience. If I learned anything from it, it was not to jump into a site like that...and if you do, don't keep updating it until you get bitter towards it (like I am now). Bah.

NoisE 1.0
NoisE 2.0
NoisE 3.0
NoisE 4.0

This is the legacy of the NoisE. This was my first venture into a sort of 'interactive' website. Despite it's black and white color scheme, I think I did a pretty good job on it as a whole. I've spent more time on these sites than I'd care to recall, so just look at it from beginning to end and see what it was.

Dreaming of Rest

This is the latest design of my current Smashing Pumpkins site. Since I had to go home for the summer, I lost the bandwidth needed to run my server. As such, I changed my site into more of a resource site. Also, I changed the design quite a bit. I'm happy with the color scheme and how well the pictures blend in. This is also the first CSS page that I've built that is cross-browser compatible. The bulk of this site, suprisingly, was made all in one night. It's surpising that I did it one night, but that I did it in one night and that it turned out so well (at least I think so). Of all the designs that i've made, this is my favorite.

Dreaming of Rest (old design)

My third Smashing Pumpkins site (they're my favorite band, btw). This was the acommpanying website for the FTP site that I run when I'm at RIT. The original design for this site was very, very basic. This design was made over Christmas vacation because I was really, really bored at home. I'm really glad with how it turned out. My only problem was that the pictures along the top and left sides didn't have enough pics of the Billy (the band's frontman). This was something that I could have fixed, but decided not to because...well...laziness.

Puzzli's Oddities

I had an idea for a different kind of nav bar design and made this empty site just to see how it would look. The name doesn't hold any kind of significance, other than to show how horrible I am at naming things on the spot. It's written up in CSS (my latest thing) and a frameset. The nav thing is supposed to kinda be like a filing cabinet. Like, the pages are supposed to be inbetween the nav bar's tabs. Dunno if it makes sense or not. I'll prolly make one in flash so that they'll actually slide over and stuff.

A Flash Unreal

This was my second Smashing Pumpkins site. I wanted to make a Pumpkins site that wasn't just filled with pics/lyrics/quotes and stuff. I wanted to make something different. At the time, I had been messing with Flash a whole lot. Now, the Smashing Pumpkins official site, like most bands' sites, was/is really flash intensive. I had just recently learned of Flash's import command, so I used that import most of the stuff from their o-site and rip the graphics out of them. It was cool because it was something different than all the other sites. Also, it was fun to hack the site and figure out how things worked and where things were stored and stuff. Things eventually got monotonous and repeatative, so I stopped working on it. The design tries to look Machina-esque, but it ends up being kind of an eye-sore. It was well organized, though, and that's what really mattered in a site like this one.

AP English Help Page

Throughout my high school english career, it was well known that I didn't actually read the books. I mean, I didn't even read the cliff-notes all of the time. So, out of boredom, I decided to throw together a site with a collection of the various cliff-notes for each book we had to read. I had also intended to make a forum for discussing stuff about the books...and to discuss some of the crappier elements of the class in general. I ended up spending most of my time making the nav bar on the side. I must have spent an hour trying to make the shelf look like wood. By the time I finished that, I had lost interest in the site...I think you'll find this to be a reoccuring theme in my descriptions...get used to it.

Welch and Lucena's Universe of Chemistry

I took chemistry in eleventh grade. The teacher had some crazy ideas for projects. Most of them were computer related, so I didn't mind it at all. Anyway, one of the projects was a webpage displaying the lab write-ups for three labs. I think my main goal for this design was organization. The color scheme, altough painful to the eye, is quite continuous. The organization was solid as well. Me and my lab partner never ended up finishing the site, but I think we still got a good grade. I forget. In the long run, I hate chemistry. I've got nothing personal against the teacher, but I hate most every science, chemistry included.

Gallo GMC Truck Sales Inc (old design)

this is the first (and only) site that I've made for someone else. Consequently, it's probably been my least favorite site to work on. This is one of the (many) old designs. I would have made it better if more information had been given to me. (i.e. what text you want). Anyway, here's the old design. The latest (and not horribly bad) design is at www.gallogmc.com.

I of the Radio

Ah...this one brings me back. There was some job fair one summer and my dad made me go. There was one table there for some company that did various computery things. I don't really know. Anyway, the only site that i had up at the time was Gallos and that site sucked pretty badly. Since that was all I could use to show that guy my abilities, he politely told me to stop wasting my time. I had expected such a response, so I didn't really mind. My dad insisted that I try again for some reason, so i threw together a site using flash, frames, and tables. I know I called the guy back about this site, but he never got back to me about it. My guess is that he just pretended to write down the addy and never checked it out. I didn't like the guy, or the idea of calling this guy so he could laugh at my designs. This site sorta went by the wayside and I never touched it again. I was actually suprised to find this site lying around on a backup cd. The red on black thing used for the menu, as I would find out later, was a horrible idea. The font I used was horrible as well. I knew about the bad font, though, I just didn't feel like changing it at the time. Despite it's many shortcomings, I'd say it wasn't too bad of site. Even though it never actually became a site, it'll still remain my first Smashing Pumpkins site.


Knights...my very short lived Flash web comic. Here's the situation: I was using Flash a lot at the time, and I was reading Sporkman a lot. I decided then to make this webcomic. It's a shame I never really followed through with it. I still have all of the characters drawn up in Flash. Lots of 'em. I only have a script for the first episode, though. This was just something I jumped into without thinking ahead at all. I might actually make that first episode sometime. I doubt it, but if I'm really that bored, who knows. The design was bare-bones because of the way keenspace's automated archiving script works. I think it turned out pretty well, though. It's acutally one of my better color schemes. Meh.


This was a placeholder site that I used when I had just switched to Compuserve. I really liked that background (and still do). The site's layout isn't too bad, and the color scheme and font scheme look pretty good, I think. The nav/title picture is awful, though. I mean, I know I made this site in under an hour, but that's just awful. It looks like I used mspaint to make it.

Netboy's Web Design

This is the site that the previous one was holding the place for. I remember being excited at how well this site was turning out. Looking at it now, it really doesn't look that bad. The color scheme is solid. The pages are layed out well. The little glossery pop-ups are nice. The flash intro does suck, but I had just gotten my hands on a copy of Swish and was eager to use it. The nav bar (made with 1 Cool Button Tool) needs a better font job, and the little logo above it needs to be fixed up (the transparency is messed up...which I knew at the time). I don't remember why I stopped working on this design. I probably just got bored with it or something.

Sound Dungeon

I wanted to make a music review site for a while. This was gonna be it. It was dark, but that kinda fit the whole dungeon thing, i thought. I liked the headline thingies I had up top (even though they prolly only look right in IE). The design is a bit simplistic, but I think it actually looks quite nice. It doesn't look too profesional, but it's effective at doing what it was supposed to do. This eventually evolved into the NoisE section of The Sketchbook.

Ugly Joe's Video Game Skins

I made this site soon after the release of Meridian . I made a couple of skins for it and eventually decided to make a site that collected all the video game related skins for various skinnable programs. The design, although simple, turned out pretty well, I think. There's just something smooth about the title/nav bar that makes it look really good. I had hosted this on some free server and it went down in a couple of days. I never bothered to re-upload it, if I recall correctly. If I ever get around to learning database stuff, I might actually start this back up, but until then, consider it dead.