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Sometimes I'll feel inclined to draw or paint something. Not having a ready supply of sketching paper or paint/brushes, I just use Photoshop. I like to think that I'm pretty good with it. I guess you'll be the judge of that, though. I usually use a 1024x768 canvas, so a lot of these make good wallpapers. If you wanna use one for your own usage, go right on ahead. In fact, I don't really care what you do with these things as long as I get the credit for them in the long run. So...here they are (click the titles to view the pictures):


After watching a segment on TechTV, I realized that I hadn't messed around with the RGB channels before. So I messed with that. I was origionally going to make a pic for the EyeFood, but I ended up making a rather interesting piece, so I'm putting it here instead. I started by getting a pic from google image search (search for 'interesting', try and find the origional...). I messed around with the RGB channel by running a different filter on each one. I did some other stuff to the overall picture afterwards. I went back to edit the channels again, and the red channel looked really really cool on it's own, so i just copied that into a new document and used it...hence the black and white. I think it looks cool, anyway.


This is my first grayscale picture to be posted here. I was listening to GoodGodsAmry and decided to just make a picture to pass the time (until 'Home Movies' came on). This is the result. I started with some brail text as the background. Next, I made a checkerboard-esque selection and did a sort of stencil thing with a black and a white brush. I proceeded to use all sorts of filters and stuff (basically: duplicate layer, use a filter, edit opacity, merge down, repeat). It didn't look just quite right, so I messed with the contrast of the upper layer and it made things a lot whiter and seemed to make it all look right. This one seems to make a good wallpaper, too.


I'm not sure what my original vision for this pictures was (if i even had one). I think I just wanted to make a dark image with a bright sun-like thing in the corner. This is the first time I used the waterpaper filter. It gives it that whole rough tarp look around the edges. I decided on the name eye because I ended up searching for a picture of someone's eye (it was some asian guy, i think) and pasting it behind the sun, thus making it into a really bright eye/sun thingy. I put the opacity of it really low and I think I put something over it, but you can still kinda see it if you squint the right way.


This little one started as an experiment in custom brushes. I made a brush of some text saying 'GO!'. Hence the title. I really have no idea how I did the rest. It looks like a KPT5 plugin, but I don't have that installed anymore. The words are just a haiku I made up on the spot. It's meant to be read like 'Fitter Happier' by Radiohead, but you can read it however you want. I can't stop you...or can I...no, no I can't...

Grafitti Pics - graf - 0 - 1 - 2 - 3

Mike, web-overlord of the now defunkt Sketchbook, wanted a page where people could post a message. He called it a grafitti board. The grafitti page, named ??? for lack of a better name, originally had just the graf pic up top. Mike got bored of the look after a while, and we made a bunch of gifs and put them into a rotation at the top of the page. Some how stuff got screwed up and I lost the new page and had to revert to the old one. "Meh". All five of these take some kind of clipart (gracefully yoinked off of Art Today) and throw a bunch of random stuff at them. The overall oddness of the pics (and the pics that Mike made..not shown here...) sorta set the mood of the ??? page. I guess you had to be there to really know about it though.


This picture is something I made after watching the Adore documentary. In describing something or other (i haven't seen it in a while) Billy says, "we talk about how we love each other but, you know, we won't hold the door for somebody." I thought that was a pretty powerful quote...I still do, actually. I felt inspired to draw something from it, but I kinda lost inspiration half-way through. I've never really liked this picture and it certainly doesn't do the quote justice. I'll do it again someday. Maybe...

liquid digital

As you should know by now, I get bored very often. This picture was made because I was bored. Most of the times when I make a picture out of boredom, there's no real direction. This is one of those occasions. I don't really remember making this one. I remember getting pissed off because one of the plug-ins was adding those wavy lines on the left and right sides. Other than that, though, I'm not too sure. Looks like I used ec4000's TV plugin as one of the finishing touches. Hrm...

make it stop

This is the first 1024 pic that I made. I forget what I was going for...or if I was just bored. I believe I had just figured out about the 1x line marqee tool and was making lines and stuff. I obviously used the twirl tool. By the looks of it, I did some pretty fancy tricks with the layers...I can count at least 4. I really don't know how I gave it that faded look. I wish I knew 'cause I'd use it more often. Oh well.


I made this one after seeing the video for Kenna's Hellbent (which is actually a short film entitled More by some guy who's name eludes me...). This may have been some kind of experiment with masks, but I'm not too sure. It definately had a layer with holes in it and I applied an effect (the blue stuff) on the lower level. I'm not too sure how I got the holes shaped like they are...possibly the grow feature.


I really have no idea how i got this to look like it did. It looks like I used Xenofex's lightning plugin and did something to really weird it out. Then I appplied a texture, used the shatter filter, and then speckled the black spots. I'm sure there's some steps inbetween those, but I can't remember them. This one tends to make a pretty good wallpaper, though.


This one started out as being a dark red light shining between two stone pillars (I think I was [attempting] to play Ultima IX at the time). I couldn't make it look right no matter what I did, so I just started messing around with it. I went a bit crazy with the Twirl filter, but it turned out pretty decent. It looks really cool on my laptop, because the colors change if I move my screen forwards and back. I guess that doesn't really mean anything to you, though. Meh.