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Author Topic: Controlling file loading  (Read 1 times)
« on: February 03, 2010, 05:09:43 pm »

Hey guys, im stuck and was hoping someone here could help me.

Im wanting to load a file into Kernal (has free space to store file) that I need.
Normally if I want to have a certain file loaded into RAM that's not suppose to be in their at the time I would replace the LBA info of a file I want replaced.
But this only works if the format of the original file and the replaced one are the same. I can't use this method because the file im wanting to be loaded into RAM is in a slightly different format from the original file to be loaded, so replacing LBA just causes a crash. Once the file is in memory its just a matter of swapping a few pointers and im all set. Can someone explain how I would force the game to load a file that's not meant to be called into Kernal without using my current method?

I was gonna try to find the routine that's responsible for loading the LBA info and work from there, but I cannot do this because breakpoints don't work with my game at loading points (which is when the LBA is read). Please tell me im not screwed?  Cry

This is on PS2 and im using the special pcsx2 with better debugger.
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