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Author Topic: FF6 Hacking Question: Editing GP Rain  (Read 1 times)
« on: January 23, 2010, 09:37:31 am »

Hey folks, I'm trying to edit GP Rain, or rather Gil Toss from FFVI (as the title says).
I know where the animation is in FF6 MDE so I'm fairly sure that if I edit the animation of GP Rain, I could have a new ability.
You can edit Shocks ability by changing "Megahits" graphics and editing Megahit in FF3usME, although I'm not sure how to edit GP Rain in FF3usME. So the real question is, does anyone know how I'd edit GP Rain in FF3usME, much like Megahit and FF3usME?

GP Rain - D08FE2 (Other1)
39 00 18 - 28
FF FF 00 - 5E
FF FF 00 - 08
3A 00
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