Yeah. Sorry for the delay. Shortly after new years, my laptop's backlight broke. Couldn't see anything, so I couldn't update or anything. I'm still in the process of getting files off of the old laptop, Superjoe, and onto the new laptop, Kuros. Did I mention I have a new laptop? Yeah. My dad saw it fit to get me a new laptop, since I need some kind of usable computer in order to...well, live. So, thank you, dad. Also, never let it be said that I'm not spoiled. I used to deny it, but this pretty much sets it in stone.

Anyways, ximwix will undergo a few changes.. I plan on running a few sites, along with ximwix. As it is now, it's great for my random and creative part, but there's not much for the part of me that wants organization and content. I'd go into it in further detail, but I doubt anyone reading this would really care.

Regarding Wasted Sunsets. If it bored you, I apologize. I felt it was a necissary thing to do. Had to get it out of my system. The events from when I started it up to this point are quite odd in the way that they seem to be following some sort of script. It's as if I'm starting season two or something.

Yeah, season two...