So this is take three. I spent a lot of time on
this one. Of course, you won't see all that
work, as I ditched most of it. I set out to
look for this sort of 'ultimate' design that I'd
finally be happy with for at least a solid year.
After about four legitimate designs, I stumbled
across something better. The design I was pic-
turing had a background that could be changed
from rant to rant. Then there was a different
style sheet. It all unfolded and I realized I
shouldn't keep a design. All these designs that
I like, but never follow through on, this could
finally be their chance. So what about naviga-
tion? There is no nav bar. Follow the XiMWiX
to the index page and thumb through the experi-
ence at your own pace. It's all categorized, so
you can skip my whining and just watch my stupid
flash cartoons. More to come as it comes to me.