week 2: august 29, 2004 - september 4, 2004
friday - september 3 - 2004


The plans were to go to Dave and Busters last night for my brother's bachelor party, but that didn't happen since his friends got in too late. We did go this night, however. What's Dave and Busters exactly? It's an arcade with booze and no kids. Suprisingly, you get your money's worth out of the games. You have to purchase a card for two dollars and then buy credits to put on the card. Pricing is fair, $25 for 150 credits (i think). The games all have a place to swipe your card and say how many credits they cost. Most of the games are about 3 credits, newer games up to 6 credits or so, and 'special' things like vr helmet crap and bad flight sim games with fancy cabinets are more like 10. The classic gaming was a bit lacking. There was a ms pacman/galaga cabinet, space invaders anniversary cabinet, and some kind of missle command/centipede cabinet. The late 80s to early 90s games are lacking, though. I don't think there was a single beat-em-up in the place. It had all three House of the Dead games, though, at escalating prices. That was nice. All in all, it was fun, but we were out much later than we should have been (since the wedding was the next day). Oh well.


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