week 2: august 29, 2004 - september 4, 2004
monday - august 30 - 2004

hectic monday

I woke up around seven so that I could test the traffic conditions to EDS in the morning. Lucky me, I get stuck in a friggin storm. And I have to crap like something fierce. Storm and all, the cars were mostly moving along at 75mph and I got to my destination on time (well, psuedo-on-time since this was a test run). By the time I make it there, the rain is horrible. I can barely see ahead of me (and my vision is not all that great, even with my glasses). I opt to pull into this shopping plaza and wait for 10 minutes or so for the rain to die down. I pull into the parking lot of a Staples and start waiting. 10 minutes, I tell myself, and no longer. After 2 minutes, I realize that I still really really have to crap. Staples is actually open, but it has just opened. I'd be the only customer in there if I go in, and I'd only have to use their bathroom. I don't like doing that. "Can I help you?" "Oh, I'm just here to violate your facilities." So, I continue to sit. About a minute later, I decide to drop the modesty crap and go relieve myself. I make a quick run around staples and realize that they don't actually have a public restroom. Since only 8am-ish, the only other open store in the plaza is a K-Mart. I decide that I'd rather hold it in for another 20 minutes rather than sit down in a K-Mart restroom. The rain was starting to let up anyway. I make it back to the apartment and finally go.

I sit down and check my email. The person from the co-op office that I had emailed earlier finally got back to me. "No, that's more of an IT job. I guess I'll ask Etlinger if he'll make an exception but I doubt he will." That's not exactly how it was, but I don't have internet access as I'm writing this so you'll have to settle with that. Great. So now I'm possibly faced with not getting credit for my internship and I have to talk with the head of the CS department in order to get some kind of special clearance. So, I drive out to RIT and park. I get out of my car and the rain starts coming down hard again. Splendid. I'm not the kind of person to wear a jacket with shorts, and an umbrella is right out. I had already tried waiting out the rain earlier today and had had enough of that. I just walk through the rain and am pretty much soaked by the time I get inside. So now I'm walking up the stairs, cleaning my glasses, and nodding at the people who decide that staring at the wet guy with straggely hair is the best way of spending their time. Once in the office, I notice the one black guy at his desk and some temp kid at the other one. The black guy, whose name eludes me now, has this great record of giving me the wrong information. But, he's like always there at his desk. I immediately avoid him this time, completely ignoring his "can I help you?" I talk to the temp kid and goes to see if Etlinger (the CS department head) is in his office. He gets back to me and it seems the department has lost him. They know he came in in the morning, but they don't know where he went. I'm supposed to come back sometime later. Bah. I go off to the co-op office, deal with them, and head back to my truck. By now, I am drenched. I had the intentions of picking up a cd or two from cd-exchange on my way back, but at this point I am too wet to stand around a small store for half an hour.

I decide to wait until 2pm to go back to RIT. Etlinger is supposed to be getting back from his lunch around then, so it seems ideal. I've sinced changed my clothes so I'm not wet and the rain has finally stopped. The kid is still working and remembers me. He checks for Etlinger and, suprise, he is actually in his office. So, at this point I know I have a job lined up that he's probably going to shoot down immediately. It has no programming involved whatsoever, so I don't know how I'm going to argue my point. So, I'm walking down the hall figuring I have to grovel at this man to make him okay this thing. I sit down in his office and he knows the whole situation already (apparently whats-her-face from the co-op office did end up emailing him). He's entirely cool with the job. "First co-op? Single block? Ah, no problem." He starts typing up something or another while talking about the IT job industry and something else. I don't know entirely, I'm just sorta smiling and nodding. He tells me everything that I have to do in order to make the co-op legit and I continue to smile and nod. All I really have left to do at this point is get registered for a co-op, which is pretty much signing up for a 'special' course that only the office can register for you. Suprisingly, to me anyway, I ask if he can take care of that for me (since he's the head of the department). He does, and I'm all squared away. I'm walking back to my truck and two things are really leaving me surpised. One, I actually asked the guy to take care of my registration. This is odd for me since I usually say as little as possible and try to get things done on my own. I really couldn't believe that I had asked him (it's stupid, I know, but so are people skills). Two, RIT's offices actually accomplished something.

I did go out for some cds this time. I ended up getting a Lemonheads album, which I've never heard but I liked that cover of "mrs robinson" that they did. I still haven't listened to it completely, but from what I skimmed over they seem to have an album full of songs that sound exactly the same. Also, that one Boy Hits Car album that had sat at $5.99 for the longest time finally got bumped down to $2.99 and I got it. I got back to my apartment and packed (slowly). Got to bed later than I should.

Oh, sorry for that deal with my having to take a crap in the first paragraph, probably should have just left that part out.


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