week 1: august 22, 2004 - august 28, 2004
tuesday - august 24 - 2004

let's get this thing started, shall we?

Alright, this is as good as any a time to start. I woke up today hoping to accomplish something other than computer stuff. No dice. But, I did manage to finish my update panel for this here blog. Also, the comments. So...that's something.

Since I compulsively check the anime-empire forum whenever I'm behind my computer, I decided to change the skin on the forum to change things up a bit. Little did I realize that the skins availabe aren't very good. There was this hideous blue one that I immediately changed. I messed with the other ones, but ended up going with the blue one in the end. Funny how things work out.

In random Internet news, perverts of Japan came together in a loud 'huzzah' to celebrate the announcement of yahoo auctions japan allowing the sale of swimsuits. There are restrictions in place, assuring that any used swimsuits must be cleaned and sold and shipped clean. But, perverts are clever, they'll think of something, I'm sure.

Deathsquad released Shinobuden 6. It's great. The second half in particular. Mushroom-induced halucianations + ninjas = awesome. I really can't love this series enough. So, more tomorrow. Hooray.


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