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I'm not really powered by tea, I just thought it would be a cool title. Anyway, sorry for not updating sooner (and also, sorry for the brevity of this update). I've been in more of a coding mood than a writing mood, so I've spent most of my time jumping from one thing to another, none of which would have made for interesting updates. That is, unless you really wanted to hear about me trying to figure out 6502 asm, among other things. I did start to write Eight part two, but the words just weren't coming together. A couple more days, probably. For now, here's something I made in photoshop.

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The text is from an old aim conversation that I had saved for some reason. It doesn't make any sense out of context, so there it is. Not making sense. Make sense? No. Probably not. It's nearly 3am so I should go to sleep. Real content in a few days, I promise hope.

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