eight, part one:
(This should make more sense later and last for three or four parts. Also, design 3 is up, but it may not work in older browsers. My apollogies if it does not work for you.)

As I drove back to my part of the island, I couldn't help but wonder if I would see Benny in the spring. Clyde was definately smaller, but he looked like a maniac. We all know whoever arrives in the desert first gets to pick their opponent, but the way he looked, I just wasn't sure if he had ever gone back home at all in the fall. There's no way he could have stayed there for three months without snapping. Oh well, I guess I'll find out when spring arrives.

It was already snowing when I got back in the morning. Another season, another dead. After the outbreak, with just us eight survivors, we made a bunch of crazy rules. I mean, there was total panic at first. All our families and friends were dead or wishing for death. Even most of our strangers were suffering. Somehow, us eight were immune. Like, entirely immune. Not a cough or sniffle or anything. Still, after weeks of searching, it was just us eight remaining. We took on the task of getting rid of all the corpses. That took weeks itself. Actually, and this was Benny's idea, we decided to burn all of the bodies. We certainly couldn't dig graves for all of these people, so we just sorta lit them on fire and kept adding bodies as the days went on. The stench was pretty terrible, but when there are corpses on every street you tend not to be too optimistic about it. The fire let off a good amount of smoke and we were hoping that some place had found a cure and were flying around looking for signs of life. That never happened. Wishful thinking, maybe, but even then this is just an island. It isn't likely they would have looked for us too soon anyway.

After those horribles times, we decided that we had to set some rules. Now, you'd probably think we'd be fair about this. Like, we'd vote or something, or a leader would be appointed and we'd do whatever they decided. Not as such. There were just the eight of us, but we couldn't stand each other. Different ideals, differrent religions (or lacks thereof), different styles, different customs. It was just too odd. Everyone wants this "world peace" but we can't even get along with our neighbors. All that we could agree on is that we all, at least somewhat, hated each other. Faced with such a tragedy as the outbreak, emotions were just too strong to supress. We decided to split the island up into eight parts and live by ourselves. We decided that when the next season started, we would all come back to the desert to catch up on things. You know, see if any other survivors were found, or if there was some kind of replenishable food supply. And maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't hate each other as much.

My first season alone was pretty bad...

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