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(this isn't very good, but i think it's better than a rant or no update at all. it's unfinished, but i'm not going to finish it, so it's as finished as it's going to get)

The beach at night is a whole different beast than in the morning. It is calm instead of hectic. There's no hunting for a place to sit, there is hunting for someone else who is sitting. The sand doesn't burn your feet, it freezes them. The water crashes all the same, though. Having been thwarted in the morning by lifeguards, I returned now with my innertube and approached the water. I started to swim out against the waves. Again, it is different. There is no horizon to go towards, just darkness. I continued to swim and swim until finally the waters tired of trying to save me. I positioned myself on my innertube so I could lean back and get a view of the stars. Different again. It isn't planes and birds now, it's nothing but stars and sattelites and the moon. A particularly visible sattelite caught my eye and I watched it travel its course. I know it exists only to gather data, but its voyage is amazing to me. We are here, looking at the stars. It is there, looking back at us, moving faster than I'll ever move and seeing things in ways that I'll never see. I spin myself around to get a look at the distant shore. Lights from the knick-knack stores and overpriced pizza places still shone out like the horizon in the morning. I'm more like that sattelite now. I'm watching them watch what's beyond me. Only, I see the horizon that they can't see, and they see the one that I cannot see. My thoughts and vision are bleeding together. It's very cold and I'm very tired...

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