Things I should have written about

rant by Dereck
categories: Design 20, Recap, Life
2006-08-13 22:40:37
  • Car Accident
    My Explorer got totalled by some stereotypically bad driver. He ran a red light as I was making my turn. Crash. Goodbye Explorer, hello insurance headaches. I have a new (used) car -- Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, 199x -- that is a total granny car. It has a tape deck.
  • Car Repairs
    The 199x Cutlass had a dying alternator, apparently. It was acting up and I couldn't figure out why. The battery light was coming on. I was going to take it to a shop to get an oil change that weekend, so I figured I'd hold off. On a friday, I was in my car at the park near my office. This is where I usually go to eat my lunch. My car decided that it did not want to start and drive me back to work (a mechanical manifestation of my own desires). After some failed attempts at getting it started, I decided to walk back to work. It was hot, muddy, and sweaty, but something that I am grateful to have actually done. I eventually got the car home and to a mechanic. I have yet to write my dad the check to cover the repair costs (tomorrow morning, I swear).
  • 1 Year Anniversary with Amy
    I don't usually write about Amy because I know she'll read it and ask me why I chose the words that I wrote. I don't know. It's getting late, I'm tired, and I miss her terribly. We went for a walk at some park. It was too hot and there were big bugs flying around. We went swimming in cedar water. It had been a long while. Later, we went to some historic village. There was one small building with a single door and no windows. The historians don't know why it was there. I wish they had left the door unlocked.
  • Musical Fancies
    I've been keeping cds in my car that I listen to during the week. At the end of the week, I bring them all inside so I can write about what I listened to. The stack of cds next to my bed grew to troublesome heights due to my lack of writing discipline. They are back on the cd rack. I still need to write about IDM while driving, why angry Christian rock no longer makes sense to me, and why I think I like Rollins Band and not most other heavy bands.