Tough luge and rye of a spoken dart...

rant by Limey Joe
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2003-01-31 00:00:00
Yeah, I was gonna do a post about the 'sandwich hatch' i have on (rather, in) my wall, but i'm tired and have a test to study for tomorrow. So, more on that later.

For now, there is ZWAN. It's no pumpkins...and parts of it are kinda cheesy....but it's still cool. I mean, if I'm a fanboy of anything it's Corgan's music.

Anyway. I have started work on the music section. It will most likely be named 'NoisE Music DataBase'. It will be a database, afterall. Useful databases require time to set up properly, so that's basically the extent of my progress. Once I get it all sorted out, it should be easy to start adding data. I'd say it's at least a month away, so don't get your hopes up. Other site design up tomorrow. Well, not so much design, as a change in background. You'll see...meh...