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rant by Ugly Joe
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2003-01-19 00:00:00
Hooray, another update. But first, Product Placement!

My room mates and I saw the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra play some stuff. It was cool to see music come from a crowd of people on stage. I almost fell asleep, though. The second part had this solo violinist...he made me sleepy. But he could hold the violin between his chin and shoulder...no hands. I was pretty impressed by that. Then people applauded the song for like 7 minutes. I'm not exaggerating. 7 freaking minutes. It wasn't that good. The third movement (which was the part we had to listen to for the class...yeah, i was sorta forced into this) was much better than the other two. It had a gong, woodblocks, and was generally more surprising than predictable. It was, however, 46 minutes long. The previous two movements were 46 minutes combined...and I was friggin' cramped. I don't like being crowded by people...especially for 46 minutes. Lucky for me, the people to the left of me and in the row under me decided to skip out on the third part, so I had some breathing room for this one. Oh, also, between each movement, everyone coughs. It's really bizzaro. Like, instead of clapping, everyone coughs. I did too, assuming it was proper etiquette. There was this thing hanging by the chandelier. We had no idea what it was. I sorta looked like a microphone or something...but it was hanging next to the chandelier. Another one of life's little mysteries. The guy playing the timpani was cool, too. He was totally messed up on something. He'd look at the drum...really close...and then tap it once...and then stare...and then tap it once...and then suddenly bounce up in a happy manner and hit the other drums. Totally freaking awesome. On the ride there, I heard Hum on the radio. That was the coolest part of the night.

The Japanese as a whole frighten me. Though their mahjong games are most interesting (not to mention difficult), things such as this monstrosity below more than make up for it and send me running for the hills.