Twas the night after Christmas...

rant by Ugly Joe
categories: Site Nonsense, Snow, Design 4, Christmas, Radiohead
2002-12-25 00:00:00
I was feeling good all day. Now I'm hot and my stomach hurts. I think it was that smartie I found in that bag of pretzels. Meh. I'd eat it again if I had the chance. Bleh.

Shmike IMed me a thought regarding radiohead's Kid A. Is it really all that great? As far as what critics say about Granted, it's a cool album and I like it, but it's not really really 'whatever-they-call-it'. It's just bass and keyboards and droning vocals. If most anyone else had released this album, it wouldn't have seen the light of day. I think radiohead has reached a point in their popularity (in england, anyway) where they could release Thom “farting on a snare drum” and Rolling Stone would give it 4 1/2 stars. However, I'm a sucker for lots of bass, creepy pianos, and droning I do like Kid A. But then again, what do I know? Meh.

Well, Christmas this year was white...and then black....and then white...and then gray....gray...grey...grayish-white...and then gray all over again. Pretty emo when you think about it. I bet when Jesus was born, it was raining in the place where Vineland would one day be founded. And it probably smelled. A good Christmas this year, nonetheless. Plenty of family time and lounging around and feeding way too much ham to the cat (well, my brother's cat was taking a nap somewhere far away from people...that's why I like my cat...). It got finished up with a family game of Simpson's Uno...which I lost...expectedly...

I did some work on the site, too. For one, I added a quote dealy. You can see a quote at the top of the page. If you click either of the links to the right of it, you can add your own. Etc, etc, you'll figure it out. Secondly, I changed the script for my status windows. It used to resize the window it opened in, thus changing the default 'new IE window open size' settings. Really, really annoying. I apologize to those who may have gotten annoyed by it. I know I did.

Welp, that's about all. Merry Christmas and a happy etc.

btw, the other bully's name is Dolph...