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rant by Akumajoe
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2002-12-14 00:00:00
Sorry sorry sorry...not really. I've been lazy, so...yeah. I like '...', obviously. Anyway, my schedule sucks. That's not why I haven't updated, but I feel it needs stating. Three things to cover, really.

First, I bought a Dreamcast. $40. Meh. I realized after buying it that I could have just asked for it for Christmas, but it was already too late. So, I, of course, tested it right away to make sure it could play 'backups'. It can. It had a nasty habit of restarting at random, though, so I returned it for another used one and that one is working out...though it reeks of cigarette smoke, which is most bothersome. I gotta clean it up still. I went to go buy a VMU for it. I had two options, get a VMU for $10, or get a VMU/Space Channel 5 bundle for $8. I didn't really want to get Space Channel 5, but it was $2 off. SC5 is one of those games that are easy to mock, but are actually fun and/or addictive once you start playing it. The game is quite addictive. I've beaten it a few times over, but I haven't gotten all the characters. Hopefully, once I 'back up' some other games, I can get back to my regular gaming.

Point the second, I started work on using php and flash and mySQL all together. This is for the shrubbery section. What I currently have planned goes a little something like this:
First, you create a shrubbery: a trainer (you), a password (to keep others from editing it), and a name (to...uh..name it). Second, you 'program' the shrubbery for various games (games that I have to make). The programming will basically be a series of gauges that you will have to tweak. The games will use these values to determine how the shrub will react. Third, Using these values (and some user input), the shrubs will face off against each other. There will (of course) be some sort of record tallying and statistics and such.
The whole thing ultimately serves as a way for me learn how to use flash/php/mysql together. Hopefully with a side-effect of fun!!! (gong!)

Thrice over, Eric and I are working on a translation for the Famicom game 'Hanjuku Hero'. The point of the game is, simply, to conquer the land. You have to buy soldiers and send out shoguns to fight and stuff. We've progressed surprisingly fast (we started on friday and already most of the vital menus are translated). I played through the easy mode of the game earlier today. Looking back, it was a bit repetitive and not really strategic at all (it is a strategy game...sorta), but as I was playing, I was definitely enjoying myself. No clue as to when we'll be done. No screenshots or anything yet, but we'll make a site for it somewhere and sometime. Maybe.

So, once again, my apologies for the lack of updates. Meh.