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2002-10-26 00:00:00
Hey hey hey...let me sum up the past few days. Firstly, Paul came and visited for the whole week, so much crowdedness and warezing and dbzing was at hand. I don't know if that's what threw everything off this week, but it's definitely part of it. But this was a good thing.

The week went on until it ended...well, friday, anyway. So, once Paul grabbed the last of his warez, he was off...and so were we. In an IM that occurred sometime earlier in the week, my dad told me to spend more money. And here I thought I was spending too much money. How silly of me. So, we were off to the bank. That is, until we got to Eric's car. It wasn't starting. He was rather pissed. Moreso than usual. Life had really been kicking him in the nuts that day, so I felt a bit sorry for him. However, seeing his broken down car reminded me of a Kids in the Hall sketch. Penpen, too. So as Eric was cursing his car, me and Penpen were kicking his car and laughing. I'm not sure if this helped his situation at all, but I really couldn't help it. After a few attempts and some advice from my dad, Eric discovered that his dome light had been left on and that drained his battery. Take that battery. Anyway, his battery was charged back up and we were on our way to the bank for money. Yadda, yadda, yadda...

balloon fight cart

Yeah, more NES games. That pretty much ended that day. The next day, we all slept 'till about 1:30. I wasn't expecting this at all. Anyway, we decided to move our room around a bit. Basically, move the beds into a triple bunk, and then shove them against the other wall, thus freeing up space for a couch. Small problem, no couch. We decided to move things anyway. Here's some keen mspaint diagrams:

floor plan before

floor plan after

Moving on, a bunch of us went to see Laser Pink Floyd. I wasn't all too impressed. It was worth the $5 I paid to go see it, at least. Anyway, once that finished, Eric decided that he wanted to go to the emergency room. His gut has been hurting him for a day or two and he thinks he has appendicitis. So, he's there now, as I'm typing this, so I don't know if he has it or not. I'm hoping not...assuming it's something not as bad. Anyway, wish him the best and such.

Last and least, site news. I still haven't touched the music section. Surprise surprise. I did, however, add the Haiku link to the nav bar. I also fixed the nav bar in the links page... even though no one ever goes there. Yup, that about does it.