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rant by Ugly Joe
categories: Music, Design 2, Weakerthans
2002-10-17 00:00:00
Instead of working on the music section, I'll just rant about music here.

The Weakerthans. Catchy songs and excellent lyrics. I had a pile of mixed tracks from these guys lying around. Having the excellent resource that is RIT's dc hub, I decided to grab the albums in their entirety.

I've been listening to Left & Leaving for a little while (one or two times through). The songs are catchy in themselves, but it's the lyrics that really make them great. There are few albums that I can sit down and read the lyrics along with. This is one of them. I can literally sit at my computer with the lyrics page in front of me and read along for the whole 52 minutes and 9 seconds and honestly enjoy myself. Whenever I attempt to write anything remotely poetic, I always kinda hope that it'll come out like these ones. It's like he takes a few random witty phrases, like “comes with a free fake smile for all your dumb demands” or “in love with love, and lousy poetry” or “full of all our changing that isn't change at all” and mixes them into songs that end up telling stories filled with so much imagery.

That's the other cool part of the lyrics. The imagery. They paint these great pictures, at least they do for me, with words like “We've found some lovely ways to disappoint, but the airport's almost empty this time of the year, so let's go play on a baggage carousel” or “I'm standing on this corner. Can't get their attention. Facing rush hour faces turned around. I clutch my stack of paper, press one to a chest, then watch it swoop and stutter to the ground” or “My city's still breathing (but barely it's true) through buildings gone missing like teeth. The sidewalks are watching me think about you, all sparkled with broken glass.” Hrm...looking at them on their own, they don't seem all to poetic. With the music though, it's like your there. Really.

Anyway, The Weakerthans rule. Easily one of my favorite bands. 'Aside' is easily one of my favorite songs ever. If you haven't heard them, go do so. You won't be disappointed.