You strung the colored lights...

rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-10-14 00:00:00
Mmm....Hum....i love this band...and i finally have a legitimate copy of one of their cds! Speaking of music, I sorta started on the 'music' section of the site. I laid out a sort of outline for it, but then realized that no one really visits here, so I simplified it quite a bit. It will (probably) consist of reviews, quotes, releases, and links. They'll all be sorta kept I said, 'sorta started' on it.

I spent most of friday night fixing up my MAME collection. Sometime this morning, I finally got it finished. All the roms. The only problem is that I forgot to separate the new roms from the old roms, so I have to do a bunch of extra crap in order to find and separate them so that i can burn them to a cd....but I'm happy to have a true complete set of them nonetheless.

I finally got around to playing Castlevania II. I beat it rather easily. I got the worst ending, but I beat it nonetheless. Now if only I had my copy of cv3... I guess I could play the original, but Death is so freaking hard to beat. I've only done it once...and it was a double KO. Oh well.

Well, this update has been sitting unfinished in notepad for two days now. There was a fire alarm in my building the other night...that kinda sucked. Hrm...I downloaded Chevelle's new album. 'Tis a good one. Much rocking to be had. I would have actually bought the cd (gasp!) but Bestbuy decided not to have any copies on hand. Hrm...try to write updates in the morning kinda sucks. I've decided to try and rant less about “what I did” and more on “what I've seen”. Dunno if it'll be any more or less interesting, but I guess I won't really know until I try it.

Now, I must learn everything and more...lest I fail just about every class I'm taking (all 3 of them...). And I lost my fricken' watch!!!