New taste...same lack of jaunt...

rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-10-07 00:00:00
From out of the darkness (and 6 floors below me), an IM window did pop up and did decree that the hunt for a jaunty cap shall be continuing and that I shall be going What Choice Do I Have!!!! Anyway, that was yesterday. So we (Eric, Dave, Dan, Kate, and myself) went to the car of choice, that being Eric's, since we actually have keys to it, and went off to the mall. We got to the mall around 5:15pm. The mall closes at 6:00pm. So, off we went to find jaunty caps. No go. We looked at some posters in the old posters and other old stuff store for a while...for old posters and other old stuff. After that, we went to some halloween store to look for jaunty caps. Dan and Dave got some hats. Dan's cap is jaunty and looks surprisingly not-stupid on him. I think Dave's hat is silly. Don't hear me wrong, it looks good on him and it has some jaunt...but it's just too silly. It's one of those classic 'skipper' hats. It's not so much its being silly as it is its being a sort of gimmick. Like, people see it and think of it as some kind of costume hat. It's beyond its jauntability (which is now a word). Eric and I have no jaunty caps, nor does Kate, though I'm not sure she really wanted one in the first place.

Anyway, six o'clock had rolled around and the mall was closed. So, we decided to go to Target to check their halloween department. One word: lame. Anyway, I convinced (through jumping, pointing, and making weird noises) the running crew to head to the toy department. While there, I found this little cat named Coco for eight dollars. Basically, I had to break a $20 so I could pay back PenPen his three dollars. So, I now have this little cat that makes noises and walks and blinks it's eyes when it hears noises. Check it:


So, I'm here now with a little cat and no jaunty cap. I did find a silly hat...

pepsi box hat

...well, not so much a hat as a pepsi box. Anyway...look over there! *runs away*