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rant by Ugly Joe
categories: Design 2, Jaunty Caps
2002-10-02 00:00:00
I want a jaunty cap. I don't know if i can pull one off, though. I mean, I want jaunty, but not french. I want people to be able to pass me on a road and say, “I do declare, that is quite the jaunty cap you are wearing.” I mean, how cool would that be? As far as I can tell, the key to having a 'jaunty' cap, is to have a cap that 'stupid', but still looks 'ok' on you. It says, "hey, that guy's hat is kinda stupid, but he's wearing it anyway. He knows something. He must be cooler than I." Yeah. That's what I'm going for. Definitely not french, though. Maybe a beanie of some sort. I dunno. Where does one even go to buy a jaunty cap? Is there, like, a cap store? With a jaunty department? I know EB and GameStop don't have a jaunty section. Nor do they have a great cap selection. I'm in way over my head with this one.