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2002-10-06 00:00:00
So I missed a day or two of haikus. To make it up, I decided to do a whole bunch at once, in some sort of story. I uploaded it all yesterday to the Haikus page, but, in case you want to see it all together, here it is. It's pretty bad, I think. Rather, it starts well, but goes crappy at the end. Meh. I like the pictures, at least.

a haiku epic in three trilogies

Part I: Birth

plate 1

from the depths of this
arising to the unknown
the unlikely grows

plate 2

splitting forming grown
seeing out and hating this
nobelness unpaid

plate 3

bounded unfairly
surroundings too harsh and bland
heroes must travel

Part II: Life

plate 4

escape will be made
looking to the wind for aid
this is in the past

plate 5

the clouds are binding
none to hold back the young will
far beyond the rest

plate 6

the distance to home
countless lengths and fathoms far
what evil awaits

Part III: Death

plate 7

foreign shapes ahead
sparkling full of interest
full of ignorance

plate 8

evil abundance
curiousity and pride
mixing undoing

plate 9

moving too fast now
chased lost caught locked starved scarred doomed
to try it again