Fewer Moving Parts

rant by Dereck
categories: Design 20, Site Nonsense, Music
2006-06-27 22:20:07

If shmike can update his site, I think I can manage an update for my site.

Speaking of my site, what was with all that downtime? Plex6 is really letting me down this month.

Anyway, I've been neglecting my site yet again. Sorry. All that I've really done between now and my last little update (update to the 'to do' list, that is) is make a page explaining the boneyard. I took my time with it and looked up the start dates and took screenshots. I think it looks nice enough. I might still do more with it, like add descriptions and make the layout a bit nicer.

I've also decided to try and stick to a Monday through Thursday update schedule for Serialized. That, of course, doesn't mean that I'll update four times a week, it just means I'll feel bad when I don't. You can also yell at me when I don't and then I'll feel even worse. You jerks.

I've been listening to David Bazan's “Fewer Moving Parts” recently. The whole EP is available for you to hear online, which is a totally awesome gesture. It would appear that Bazan's dropped the Pedro the Lion band/moniker and gone for solo stuff. There's only five songs here, with two versions of each, but they're all really solid songs. The second half is all acoustic, which I really like. I've always been a bigger fan of his older acoustic stuff as Pedro the Lion, as opposed to his last two far more electric albums.

The EP closes with a studio version of “Backwoods Nation”, which I believe has already become a crowd favorite. I originally heard this from an mp3 I got from some random site. I found a copy of it over on a site called Acts of Volition. I'm not sure if it's the exact same version, but it's close enough to what I remember. I have to say I like the live version better. I'm pretty sure it's the organ that does it for me.

So I check out the merchandise page and I see that they have t-shirts. I have noticed that there are more than a few t-shirts that I want out there on the internet. I can add this one to that list. I'm actually considering the creation of a physical list of t-shirts that I want from online stores. I'm also considering starting a “one internet t-shirt purchase a month” thing. It's a possibility.