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rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-09-26 00:00:00
Well, I slept in today. I did get up for class, but I was tired. Between that class and my CS lab, I decided to sit around and do nothing. That nothing was occupied by hot webcomic action. I came across two new (well, new to me) ones and have added link buttons to them. Also, I added a link to Diesel Sweeties because it's one of my favorite sites and deserves a link.

While reading Men In Hats, I followed a link to Wigu. It's a comic based on the Tinkle family. The cast basically consists of Wigu, the son, Paisley, the daughter, and their parents whose names slip my mind at the current, late hour moment. The storyline is well written (well, I skipped most of the first chapter) and it kept me entertained for some time. I'm using the less-funny of the two link buttons, but I think Paisley is the best character in the comic, so I'm using the link button with her on it. Here's a link to a somewhat-random strip: somewhat-random strip.

From Wigu, I followed a link to Cat and Girl. It's a kinda weird comic that has sort of a 'more educated' target audience...but not in a kind of snobbish way. It's not as slapstick as most webcomics, but I find most of it to be entertaining. I like this one strip in particular...but be sure to actually visit the site and read more.

Diesel Sweeties I have read for a while now. It's a great comic. Solid storyline. The punchlines for a lot of the comics are rather low-brow, but it still manages to maintain some class. Here's a semi-random strip...aarrrrr....

Welp...this was just sort of an update for the sake of updating...sooo....that's all.