Of vending machines...

rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-09-12 00:00:00
Okay, so there was sleeping and classes and homework and stuff. Then, i thought, 'Chocolate Milk!'. So, I go to the local vendatorium (the basement here) to score me some chocolate milk. Intense Chocolate Milk! But no, oh no, I got the 'Intense Mocha Java'. This stuff is crap. It's like, 'look! chocolate milk!' and then you drink it and it's like, 'oh crap! this is bad coffee!' So, I got stuck downing a bottle of 'intense mocha java'. Afterwards, I got some chocolate milk...more on that later.

Being bored, I scoured the internet for some entertainment. First, CCS sent me a link to an awesome flash animation. Check it out and be awed and stuff. Second, there's Rate My Kitten. It's a good way to kill some time. Looking at a kittens and stuff. Yeah.

Also, as I'm sure you probably didn't notice, I've added some more link buttons. First, there's RobotSkull. I've read RobotSkull for a while now. He just pulled a prank on some emo dating service and the results were quite hilarious, I think. Anywho, I couldn't find the link button on the site, so ended up scouring an old design of YeOG for it. I did find it, and there it is. The next one is for Men In Hats. It's a webcomic from the guy who used to do Pentasmal. If you didn't read Pentasmal, too bad. All of it's archives are on KeenSpot Premium now, so unless you pay up YOU WILL GET NOTHING!! Regardless, MiH is quite humorous and has been keeping me entertained throughout the past couple of weeks.

Um...that about covers it. Oh, site info...I worked on the new Shrubbery section a bit. Thanks to Mike (shmike)'s constant nagging, I'll probably have it up and running in two weeks...more or less...