17 Days: Day 8

story by Dereck
categories: Design 20, 17 Days
2007-09-27 21:23:43
I found myself floating through an endless blue sky. I moved through the sky like a leaf, rising and falling involuntarily. In the sky, I was alone.

The earth below me was a lush green. Every inch of it green. The structures constructed on the ground were narrow and expansive. They stretched on and on, forming intricate and calculated patterns. The meaning of it all was lost on me, but it was a truly beautiful sight.

Among this serene setting was a scattered number of beings. They are too small for me to identify, but there are many of them. They look to be completely oblivious to each other. Some of them stand still, apparently awe-struck by the large structures. Some try to climb the structures, others try to pass through them.

And still some of them simply walk. This land has no apparent destination from what I can see. Where are they headed, I wonder? Do they even know where they're going? I watch them walk, always independent of each other, in various directions. They often cross paths and, in doing so, cross right through each other.

From these heights, I can see everything and I know that there is no destination here. As beautiful as this land may be, there is nowhere to go. These creatures think that they are on a journey. They think that they are headed to some destination. They don't realize that they're already there. They cannot accept the fact that the journey is over.

I am filled with pity for them, as the breeze carries me to my destination.