17 Days: Day 7

story by Dereck
categories: Design 20, 17 Days, Spectacular Views
2007-09-10 17:16:08
I found myself alone in a lush green field. As far as I could see, it was green grass and blue skies. Overhead, I could see some kind of birds. They weren't anything that I recognized. Even from down here on the ground they looked huge. They're easily twice my size, I thought.

My attention shifted to the massive wall to the right of me. Twenty feet tall, at least. It spanned some immeasurable distance to the front and back of me. It was a massive structure. Looking into the distance, I could see other, similar walls. It was a marvel of architecture. I often would look at churches and museums and see great beauty in their structure. Their points and carvings, their great heights and windows. They would always stand out from the other buildings. Walls, however, on their own, had never impressed me. These walls, though, these walls were nothing short of inspiring.

I walked along the wall, looking for an end or, perhaps, a way to the other side. I continued this journey for what seemed like hours. The sky stayed a constant blue and the birds continued to fly above me. Somehow, I was not tired. The steps I took were like something out of a dream. I was lighter, almost weightless. Steps felt like bounds. It was as if the world rotated quickly beneath me as I lifted my feet from the ground. Even still, the walls remained constant -- tall, expansive, and mysterious.