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rant by Dereck
categories: Design 20, Site Nonsense
2006-06-13 20:40:20

I think I've gone long enough without updating this site. My splash screen kinda sucked, and I know at least one person wanted me to get a real website back up and running. So, one and all, here is my design #20.

My impeccably pessimistic view on life assures me that most of you don't like it.

Allow me, please, to explain myself and this monstrosity. My previous design, I Miss, was an abomination. I rushed what I thought might be a good idea and it turned out horribly. The fact of the matter is that I liked (and still like) the Lucky 13 design and the Regression blog design. I have received more compliments on the design of the former than anything else I can recall getting compliments for. However, I grew bored of them. They both had a sort of flair when I released them. They both looked really really good. However, over time, they started to look dull to me. I had to get rid of them or else I'd never look at my site again, let alone update it.

I knew this when I started to design and code up I Miss. Somewhere along the way, I forgot what I had to do. Instead of closing the old sites, I left them there and decided to neglect them. I knew I would neglect them. In the process, I added a guestbook with a decent twist (although crushed by a lack of comments, laziness on my part, and some bubonic spam), and two throwaway sites that, as far as I'm concerned, exist outside of ximwix altogether. In the end, I can only appreciate I Miss for one reason: pushing the Lucky 13 design off of the home page.

But here is #20. And just what is it? Honestly, it's a stepping stone. I want to have all of my ximwix writings in a single archive. I want to be able to preserve the designs I previously created. I want to continue writing. This is why I created the Archive, the Boneyard, and Serialized.

The Archive will contain as much of my ximwix writings as possible in a single format. When I change a design, I can just display the archive in the new design. If I want to search all my writings, I'll search the archive. It's more of a personal project than anything else. I'll use it more than anyone else, I'm sure. You'll likely notice it's empty. I have to go through everything by hand, so it'll take me a while. I'll add stuff in chunks. You'll see.

The Boneyard is a collection of all my past designs. I've done my best to make sure they all look like they're supposed to in both Internet Explorer 6 and FireFox 1.5. Some pages simply don't work well in FireFox since, at the time, I was making pages for IE. Live and learn, eh? Some of the interactive features still work, some don't. I left most of them in tact and will continue to do so unless spam becomes an issue. If you find a page that's seriously broken in IE, please let me know.

Serialized is a writing experiment. I'm going to try and write a few paragraphs of a story each day and post them here. I don't know how good the writing will be or how often I'll actually update it. This is an exercise in getting myself to try and write when I'm not really “in the mood” to write. This is a serious problem for me. For now, I write mostly when I'm feeling depressed or alienated. For better or for worse, I don't feel that way nearly as often as I used to. Hence, I don't write as much anymore. I don't know how much of a connection there is to how I'm feeling and how my writing turns out. I guess I'll find out. If my writing starts to sound utterly trite, please let me know.

Hmm...I suppose I've glossed over the reasoning for the design itself. I've had the idea of a site with three columns for a while (design #17). I made a few layouts and this one sorta caught my eye in a way the other ones didn't. It's sharper -- much less abstract -- than most of my designs. I think it's fitting, given the situation. Also, it's blueish again...

Also, please ignore all the Latin. It's just there to flesh out the design until I make a few more updates and get the Archive coded.