17 Days: Day 3

rant by Dereck
categories: Design 20, 17 Days
2007-08-27 20:37:37
Sorry. Missed the weekend there. I figured I would apologize and move on instead of trying to cram in two posts late last night.

My brief absence has reminded me why I am doing this. Of course I want to update my site more often. That's a motivation, sure, but it doesn't motivate me enough (obviously). It's not so much about sitting down and writing something for 17 days, it's about picking a time and committing to sitting down and writing something. That's where I'm going wrong.

Ideally, after these 17 posts, I'll be able to sit down every day and type up something. If it's good, I'll keep at it and post something. If it's rubbish, I'll...not post it. It's as simple as that.

Of course, simple is rarely simple. I'll have to wait and see...