17 Days: Day 2

story by Dereck
categories: Design 20, Work, 17 Days
2007-08-24 22:07:32
It was my second day on the job. I didn't know what the job was when I applied and, honestly, I still don't know what's going on here. Everything is "classified" and on a "need-to-know" basis. I don't know what any of that is supposed to mean. It doesn't bother me for some reason and think that's why they hired me.

They led me down a series of hallways to the prep room where I had been yesterday. I had to wear this scuba-suit thing. I wasn't sure what that was all about, but it made sense later. Today was the same thing as yesterday -- uncannily so.

Just like yesterday, they led me to a lab full of large tube-like chambers. I got into one of the chambers and attached a breathing apparatus. Next, they sealed off the tube. Then, the water flowed in. I float a little, so it's actually rather comfortable. This is all I did yesterday and I think that's all I'm going to do today. They told me that I wouldn't be aware of my surroundings -- that I would be somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness -- but that didn't happen. I just floated all day. And now I'm floating again.

I guess this is my job.