story by Dereck
categories: Design 20, Wanderlust
2007-02-06 21:23:13
An old man wearing a pair of green shorts and a yellow knit scarf sold me a pair of sunglasses. After our exchange, he held the dollar up to his eyes and looked towards the sun. He laughed maniacally and ran towards the ocean. His scarf flowed calmly behind him.

I purposely wore clothes that were inappropriate for the ocean. On my person: Black high-tops, black jeans, a silver jacket lined with the reflective surfaces from discarded safety vests, a striped beany-hat, and, just now, a pair of blue sunglasses that are the perfect size for my face.

I climbed onto the railing of the pier and surveyed the strange and blue-tinted surroundings. There are people walking, people shopping, people eating, people sitting, people sleeping, people swimming. There are people, people, people. People taking photos, people playing games, people pointing, people staring.

And there are birds in the air.