In a Park

story by Dereck
categories: Design 20, Wanderlust
2007-03-23 20:26:21
I had no home to go to, and I had no bed to sleep on. I hadn't noticed it before, but we become conditioned to do things a certain way. A bed is nothing more than where you decide to sleep. Yet, I couldn't bring myself to simply sleeping on the ground. Something wasn't right. A bed as big as the earth itself seemed wrong. As I looked around the park, I noticed all of the benches-turned-beds and realized these unfortunate souls had been conditioned just as I was.

A lone squirrel startled me as I walked from bench to bench. My eyes followed it as it ran up a tree. I wondered if squirrels are conditioned the same way as humans. Squirrels do not go to bed, they go to tree. In my dreary state, I saw no logical flaw in turning the statement on its side. "Human", I told myself, "go to tree."

So, I dropped my belongings (worthless, utterly), climbed the tree, wedged myself between two branches, and fell asleep.