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rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-08-12 00:00:00
So here's an update on my life:

I have lost even more faith in the human race. Why? Because when I was at work, someone called in asking if we sold "Bonzai Buddies." Yes, those Bonzai Buddies. That ugly little purple ape who eats up system resources and may or may not hack the gibson when your back is turned. I was shocked at her request, but managed to blurt out something about only being able to download it from the internet. I mean, the lady wanted to pay money to have a program send various tidbits of personal information to random companies. Bah.

Now for happier news. THE decided to dump a bunch of his nes games (and a few snes games) on me in exchange for my Vampire Hunter D DVD. Huzzah!

Recently, my dad bought some kind of heater thingy. It's supposed to heat a range of 8 feet around or something. Sorta like a dome of heat. Anyway, he was bored the other night so he had me lug it inside so that he could assemble it. This thing is huge. It nearly touched the ceiling. There was something creepy about it, though. I couldn't really put my finger on 'why' it was creepy, but it was. Later that night as I was pacing around, I figured it out.

Exhibit A:
The heater tower thing that creeped me out.

Exhibit B:
A tower thingy from level four of the game
'Space Harrier' for the Master System.

Notice a similarity? Space Harrier was one of my favorite games as a kid. This was one of the harder levels, since the ceiling drops down really low and you can't fly up as high. This is definitely what was creeping me out about it. Anyway, it's out of the living room now, so I'll be fine so long as I don't go into the garage (where it now resides).

In site news, I re-did the navbar. It looks basically the same, but it's a lot different from my side of the site. It'll basically just make adding new pages much easier for me in the future. The only change that you'll really see is that it's broken into sections now. Also note that I added a new link button. It's my friend Eric's page. Since he linked me I decided (and by decided I mean 'was told by Eric that I'd better') to link him back. So go check it out. Also, I started archiving some of my rants. I'm gonna leave the five most recent rants on the home page, and move the older ones into archive pages with five rants each on them. So, if you actually wanted to read them all, you know where to check.