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rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-08-22 00:00:00
Boy, doing nothing really takes up time. Sorry for the lack of updates (oh crap, it's starting already...), but I've working and doing this and that. So, here's a rundown, not necissarily in chronological order, of what I've been doing.

I went through most of those NES games that I got. The one that really got my attention was Bucky O'Hare. For a show that sucked (at least, I remember it sucking) as bad as it did, this is one amazing game. Pure side-scrolling action. Some annoying puzzles, lots of dying, and bosses that anger the mind...but pure fun nonetheless. I paced myself and took three days to beat it, so if you have a couple of hours to kill, get the rom and play away.

Work still sucks. However, they did get a copy of Blindside's new album and only charged me $6.88 for it. So, I was like 'r0x0r!' and picked it up during my lunch break. It's a solid album. Well worth my money. It's heavy music that isn't all angry and depressing. Tough to pull off, but it does the trick. At least download 'You Can Hide It', 'Cute Boring Love' and 'Midnight'.

I got my haircut...sux0r...(see webcam)...I really hate getting my hair cut. It usually takes about two weeks before it starts to look alright (to me, at least). Bah. I know I'll just Corgan it eventually. Until then...it's crappy haircuts or long, girly hair...woe is me...woe is me...

A short time after beating Bucky O'Hare, this...thing...

Yeah...that thing appeared in my lawn. It kinda freaked me out. I mean, you don't expect to look out of your window and see some creepy-gold-ball-on-pedestal thing. A bunch of theories came to mind, but one seemed to make more sense than the rest. You know that movie, 'The Last Starfighter'? Well, I figured something like that happened. Like, my superior old-school gaming skills would, in some futuristic way make me one of the best space cowboys or something. I contimplated going outside and checking it out, but I decided It'd be best to let it be for a while. I eventually...like in a few hours...went out and checked it. The pedestal dealy had a rabbit on it. Rabbit? Hare? Oh crap! Then I went back inside and waited for some space taxi to come pick me up or something. You know, like the movie. They haven't come yet, but I'm ready to dish out my mad 1337 old-school gaming skizills on some evil mutant alien scum.

I also had the sudden urge to work on my old P100. I had installed the 5 1/4 floppy in place of the 3 1/2 floppy...but it didn't really work, so I closed it up and went to bed. Now, about a month later, I decided to give it another shot. I discovered eventually that I had the cable upside down, which was why it wasn't working. Also, the cable that was hooked up to the 3 1/2 actually had a plug for the 5 1/4, so I just linked them up, messed with the BIOS and jumper settings for hours (yes, hours...i was like a man possessed) and finally got it to work. 'Work', however, is a term that I use loosely, as the 5 1/4 disks that I have are bad. Really bad. Not working or formattable even with special proggies bad. So, I'm being optimistic and assuming that, instead of just having a bum drive, it's only the disks. SOO...if you happen to know where to get some working 350k 5 1/4s, let me know. K thx.

I went to FuncoLand during my lunch break (a big mistake, I know...) to see if they had gotten the new gamecube demo disc. The one at walmart has a playable demo of Mario Sunshine, so I wanted to check it out. Alas, they didn't have it. However, their demo disc had Super Monkey Ball 2. Yay! I got to play a rousing round of Monkey Soccer, and enjoy a 3-round game of Monkey Target. Ah...Monkey Target...reminds me of college. I can't wait for 4 player games of Monkey Ball 2. Before I left, I checked out the NES games (an even bigger mistake). They had a bunch of the same. I was ready to go without buying anything (which I really hate to do...I feel like such a prick when I just go in there and play the demos and leave), and, Lo and Behold!, 'Volleyball'. Just Volleyball. Old-school Nintendo-made no-frills Volleyball. I had no idea that this game even existed. I mean, I usually know when an nes game exists...especially one this old and made by the Big N themselves. I was shocked and ended up blowing my last four dollars on it. I checked the nes rarity list later on and it's a fairly common game. Still, I was shocked that it existed without letting me know first.

An outing to Tweeters with CCS ended up turning into a trip to Best Buy when we showed up after it closed. Not much was accomplished aside from changing the screensavers on three of the laptops to scrolling marquees of 'anal my dingo', '1 4m t3h 1337 h4x0r!!11!11 1', and, of course, 'somebody set up us the bomb'. There was also a purchase of a CD and warm Mountain Dew. The event ended up with us going to Vulgar's house and heading to Pizza Hut.

I've been trying to get the site for my church up and running before I head back to college (the 31st). So, most of my programming time is going towards that instead of this. Once I get that done, I'll start working on more cool stuff that no one will use. But, until then, just bear with my bumbling rants.

So, uh, yeah...