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rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-08-29 00:00:00
So, just one more day of work, just one more day of vineland. I'm packing up my stuff. Most is packed except for my tv, computers, and nes...and clothes and posters...and fan and clock...ok, so I still have packing to do.

I got two more NES games today: Kirby's Adventure and M.C. Kids. Kirby's Adventure cost me a hefty $7.99, but the game is great. Some might even say it's "wicked pisser." Or maybe not, I don't know. Still, Kirby has got to be one of the coolest ideas for a character (stealing abilities) and the game executes it so well. Especially for a 8-bit system. M.C. Kids, on the other hand, is just plain...well... take McDonalds' blatent commercialism and mix it with an NES game. Yeah, it's pretty bad. Granted, I haven't played through much of it, but I'll tell you what I know so far. It's just another day in happy land (or wherever Ronald lives) until the Hamburgler (gasp!) steals Ronald's Magic Bag (probably just a happy meal...whoops, did I predict the ending...?) and now you have to go find 4 puzzle pieces and return them to Ronald so that he'll show you how to get to Birdie's house. I'm not sure why he won't just tell you, but I'm sure it has something to do with evil and him being a clown.

I don't really get anxious for things. I mean, it won't make them happen any sooner. So I haven't really been anxious to move back to RIT. Don't hear me wrong, I definitely want to and am looking forward to going back, but the thought of moving back doesn't consume much of my daily thought processes. That is, until, I talked to one of my room mates, Eric, who has already moved in. He already set up most of his stuff and is saying how big the room is and how cool it's gonna be once we set up all of the game systems. So, thanks a lot Eric, now I'm anxious.

I wish I had more time to, but I have to get to sleep soon. Oh, as far as adding more stuff to the site goes, I still haven't finished my church's site. I plan on finishing it by next Sunday, but that's just a personal goal, so don't think of it as a definate date. First thing on my agenda is redoing the Shrubbery section. Some of you already know what my plans for it are, but for those of you who don't...well, you'll see...oh how you'll see...heh heh heh...