High above the wrecks...

rant by Ugly Joe
categories: Life, Design 2, Wind, My Room
2002-08-31 00:00:00
Hellooooo Rochester. It's cool and breezy and doesn't smell like compost. After a mere 5 and half hour car trip, I am back at RIT and ready to buckle down and learn stuff! Yeah! (if my parents are reading this, you can stop now...). My room is big and quite full of electronics. Computers and video games and speakers and tvs and..um...lamps. It's not completely set up yet, but I have staked my territory (see webcam) and get to enjoy a refreshing cross breeze between the window and my fan. My computers aren't quite set up yet, as the school won't give out more than one IP to each student...yet. Come thursday, I can call them and get an IP for my desktop...that means my Smashing Pumpkins server can go back up. Actually, it's probably for the best, since I'm quite unprepared for it.

Anyway, my day was mostly spent saying 'hi' or 'j0' to old friends. There was also the whole 'move beds and desks around without hurting myself' part. Me, Eric, and Dan (who doesn't actually live in the same room, but was bored) thought of some way of arranging things and managed to set up the room in a way almost entirely different than it. PenPen is yet to show up (not until tuesday), but he won't have too much to complain about. Well, he can complain, but we can't really move the stuff around anymore. And besides, we left him plenty of room for his DDR'ing, so he should stay quiet.

In other news, there's a panel in the wall. It's right behind my laptop. If you open it, there's this little water pump thingy. I'm not going to actually turn the knob in there, but I may use the hatch to hide sandwiches or something. Maybe I'll do some kind of complete room coverage update...with pictures and stuff...maybe...maybe not...

Well, I have to find space for the ever-important game consoles. Wish me luck.