Do What Now?

rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-09-06 00:00:00
So it's been almost a week. Well...I've been...lazy. Stuff has happened and I should have updated, but I'm really lazy and sorta busy. So, here's another one of my patented "super updates", which should have actually been 3 or 4 regular updates.

Being back at school rules. I mean, just not being in South Jersey is a huge plus. Also, having a roommate with a car 0wnz. So, thanks to Eric, I have multitudes of stuff from Wegmans and the mall and GameMania. On one of the many trips, I picked up some extra F-Connectors so I could fix some coax cable. It was being really annoying, so I was trying to cut back part of it so that I could start from scratch. Anyway, here's more or less what happened, only in Haiku Theatre form:

So, yeah, my finger was really tore up. It was gushing. It didn't really hurt, though. I was more suprised at the fact that I had actually continued to fix the stupid cable instead of finding some kind of alternate means. Anyway, I went the bathroom to wash it off, but the blood just kept coming. Like, I'd put it under the water and the blood would wash away. Then I'd take it away from the water and it gushed again. I decided it'd be a good idea to put a BandAid on it, so I went back to my room, sucking on the wound to keep the blood from dripping everywhere, only to discover that I hadn't packed any BandAids. So, I grabbed a washcloth and rapped it around my finger and went to Sols (the store at the bottom of my building) and got some. I got back and fixed myself up and sat back down at the computer. I was bored again, so I grabbed the coax cable and some pliers and continued to try and fix that thing. I forgot, however, that using my hand to squeeze the pliers would greatly increase the bloodflow to my finger. The BandAid was soaked in blood. So, I went and fixed myself up again and decided that the coax cable was best left unfixed for a while. It's looking a lot better now. The BandAid fell off in the shower yesterday and I forgot to put a new one before I went to bed, but that ended up being a good thing. My finger looks normal again. Well, normal with a large gash in it, anyway. Meh. Here's some more pics of it in case you really wanted to see it.
The bleeding wound.
The covered wound.
The bloody BandAid.
The aftermath.

Throughout other trips, we scoured the Asian import stuffs in Wegmans. Eric and PenPen were delighted by the Pocky selection. I grabbed some gum. We got some Panda crackers or something. Anyway, here's the rundown.

Pocky: Good
There was a lot of hype about this stuff last year. To me, it didn't really live up to it. I mean, they're really good, but there was a lot of hype.
Panda Crackers: Good
I don't actually know the name of these things. There's just some japanese writings. Eric swears it says 'Panda' something or other. I don't know. They're basically a thin cookie surrounding milk chocolate. They're quite awesome. PenPen got the strawberry ones. Those are good, too. They're like eating FrankenBerry, milk and all, in a cookie form. It's so uncannily similar.
Fusen Gum: Good
I mainly bought these because there was a frog on one of the wrappers. I mean, you see a strawberry on one, an orange on another, and then a frog. I was hoping for frog-flavored gum. To be perfectly honest, that may be what it was. I couldn't place the taste of it, so it just may have been frog. Also, there was some kind metallic moth or something on the inside of the wrapper. You figure it out and let me know.
Shrimp Chips: Bad
These things aren't even japanese! And they suck hardcore. Check The Potato Chronicle for more info on those pieces of crap.

So, being the 1337 beings that we are, me and PenPen maganed to mod Eric's Sega Saturn so that we could use the swap trick and play 'backups' on it. So far, we backed up Nights and that worked. The only real problem with it is that our 'backup' of Nights actually is a backup. I managed to find Warriors of Fate, but it won't work. I tried a whole slew of different burns and swap tricks, but nothing really worked. Oh well. Hopefully 'Radient Silvergun' will work better. By 'better' I mean 'actually work'.

Hrm...that about wraps it up. So, uh, see you next time or something.