rant by Ugly Joe
categories: Life, Design 2, Video Games
2002-07-31 00:00:00

Here's a little story about how I got a rare NES cart for $7.99...

It all started on last Friday during my lunch break. I was bored since it only takes me about 5 minutes to eat a sandwich and I had an a whole hour to kill time. I just sat there for a while to kill some time. Eventually, people kept talking really loud in some language that I don't know, so I decided to walk over to Funcoland. I browsed their NES selection and found a few prospects...for Wednesday was payday! Anyway, leading the prospects was Dragon Power. This is actually an NES game based on the anime DragonBall. It's edited really badly (i.e. “I want to see your friend's breasts” becomes “I want your sandwich”). Either way, it was a game I've been casually looking for and so I decided to get it after I got some cash.

Fast forward to today (you didn't miss much, trust me). I get home from work and THE wants to know if I wanna go to the mall and such. While we're out, we go to Funcoland so I can get Dragon Power. I grabbed it and two other games (Magmax and (soley for the title) Star Ship Hector). THE was checking out some DVDs, so I kept on browsing. I had just checked out the games on Friday, so I kinda knew what was there already. Since I was still there, though, I decided to look for Tetris 2. You know, Tetris with bombs. I couldn't find it on the main shelves, so I checked the little stack (which was a huge stack on Friday) for it. It wasn't there, but there was a black cartridge facing the other way. This usually means it's a Tengen game, but it could actually have been a few things. Out of curiousity, I lifted up the stack to see which game it was. What I saw was nothing that I had expected. Lying there in front of me was a cart of Tengen Tetris. Now, for those of you not in the know, this is not the Tetris that everyone (well, everyone except me, it seems) has a copy of. Oh no, this is the rare unlicensed one that Nintendo got all pissy about. Now, at this point, I was expecting to wake up from a dream and get really pissed off. It's happened before with other such items. I'm kinda used to it now, but I still get pissed off when it happens. After realizing that it was probably not a dream, I picked it up and braced myself for the pricetag. Just $7.99. $7.99 for a game that would easily sell on e-bay for $30.00 (not that I'm selling it anytime soon). So, using my hard-earned cash, I bought it and (eventually) went home with one of the rarer NES carts out there. Few things make me happy like this. It's kind of sad, really, but there are things that I just look for and never expect to find. When they show up, it's like the universed screwed up and it ended up in my favor. I don't know.

Anyway, I have my Tetris and I'm happy. No real site news, as I was went out today instead of working on it. Meh.