I can't work a 9 to 5...

rant by Ugly Joe
categories: Site Nonsense, Design 2, Work, Pumpkins
2002-07-27 00:00:00

Well, it's finally here. User system is up and running. I'm sure there's still a few bugs in the system, so be sure to let me know if something goes wrong. So far, there's only user profiles and guest book, but there's more to come. I'm either making better profiles or an interactive link system next. I have plans for a 'story-maker' thingy. Details are still scarce, but it seems in my head that it'll be cool once I buckle down and code the thing.

So, I've been working working at Walmart the past week. I hate working. The thing about walmart is that you don't actually have to like people, you just have to be able to pretend to like people. In fact, the majority of people working there don't like people at all, me included. I mean, I get along with some people, but other people really have to figure out what they're doing. There are people asking to buy DVD players who can't even set up their VCR. There are also people with tiny cars asking for 31" TVs. Bah. I hate working. I should get a job as some kind of nomad. Like, my boss would say, 'go roam over there and that guy will let you stay at his place,' and I'd go over there and eat all his food while he was at work and then try and work out some mutual agreement and get all pissed off and pee on his flower bed or something. And then I'd go back to my boss and get paid. Yeah, that'd be cool. Oh well...did I mention I hate working?

In entirely unrelated (but very cool to me) news, Infinite Pictures is finally updating again. Infinite Pictures (hereafter known as 'Infinite Pictures') is a site with all sorts of pictures of or relating to the Smashing Pumpkins in some way. It's an awesome site and is finally getting updated again. Of course, most of you probably don't care, but this is big news to me...yeah, my life really is that uneventful.

Anyway, go make a user account and play around / test things out. Let me know if anything goes wrong, or if you can think of something else that would be cool to make. 'Till next time...