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rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-07-21 00:00:00

Hamburger! I've almost got the whole user system worked out. For real this time. I probably could have had it done by now, but it had this nasty habit of not remembering the user if you close the browser window. I had ignored it for a while, but I finally got around to making not do that. All that I have left to do is make a 'create new user' page (which I know how to do) and somekind of page not unlike a guestbook for users

In real life news, my brother and his girlfriend came down for the weekend. He wasn't home for most of it, so I don't really have much to say about it. I was, however, promoted from 'goth-boy' to 'emo'. Allow me to explain...For some reason or another, my brother started calling me 'goth-boy'. I'm not entirely sure why, as I was never a goth. I mean, I probably could have been if I really applied myself, but I'm just too lazy (not unlike Mike). Sure, I was pretty depressed (more angsty than depressed, but depression is part of angst) and I did have a lot of black clothes, but I never wore all black. Actually, I made it a point not to wear all black. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'm sure I would have been asked, “why are you wearing all black?” by a handfull of people...and I don't really like I was better off just sticking with black t-shirts and stuff. Anyway, something just decided to make him change his mind and call me 'emo' instead. I think it's my haircut that really did it, but I guess I'll never know. So now I'm 'emo' instead of 'goth-boy'. Meh.

While I'm on the topic of my brother, his website/comic is up again at, so go read it and continue to read it on a regular basis.

Anyway, I'm off to go finish coding the user system...or take a nap.