Clench your fist up in rage...

rant by Ugly Joe
categories: Site Nonsense, Music, Design 2
2002-07-15 00:00:00

I spent all this time working on getting this design up and running, but it still seems all empty. Luckily, the server I'm hosted on allows for php and mySQL stuff. Can you say dynamic content? Hopefully you can, or else something must be wrong with your mouth. Hope that gets better soon. Then you can say it like the rest of us... Anyway, I'm working on setting up some kind of user system so that people can login and post some stuff on certain pages. I'm also working on other pages. As I type this, I've just figured out how to let people login and logout. I still gotta do a lot of stuff, but now I know that I can definately make this work. You'll see. It'll be coo.

Just out of curiousity, if you read this page, IM me at UglyJoe1 right away (i.e. right now) so I can know if anyone other than me reads it. I'm almost always online, so there should be no problems.

By the way, Yellowcard 0wnz.