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2002-07-10 00:00:00

I guess you could call this the first official post. My domain name finally started working a couple days ago, so now I'm good to go. Unfortunately, this wait has given me time to become less enthusiastic about the whole website thing, so I'm gonna try and get more 'nothing' accomplished so that I'll get back into the groove of making webpages and content and stuff.

In life news, I still don't have a job. Still. I'm close to getting a job at the electronics department at Walmart. How close? Pee in a cup drug test close. Even if I get the job, I'll probably only get to work for about a month and get three paychecks if I'm lucky. But at least I'll have a job for a little while. Anyway, since summer is about half way over for me, I think I'll break out the old 'summer to do' list and see what I've actually done.

    Summer Goals:
  1. learn to play guitar
    I've been meaning to do this for a long while. Anyone who read NoisE knows that I've been kicking myself for not learning it yet. Well, I have gotten my hands on a free guitar, but am yet to actually learn how to use it. If I don't learn it, I'm sure I'll end up kicking myself even harder next school year. Oh well. If you're bored, feel free to IM me and tell me to learn it.

  2. get job/earn money
    I tried. As mentioned earlier, I'm closer to getting one, but it's still no guarantee. Time will tell.

  3. buy obscure cds
    CDs bought since I've been home: NONE. I downloaded an album by Doves which is quite a good album. I'm pretty sure I put this one on the list so I'd go out and buy Art Toi?'s album...or was it Unwound's double album...either way, I still don't have any.

  4. get real webspace

  5. help build church in some way
    I was planning on helping to set up something electronical, but since they aren't going to start building 'till later, I won't get a chance to help out at all. Oh well.

  6. build church website
    I had started to do this before I left for college last year. The pastor even mentioned it in church. I've felt kinda guilty for not doing it. I should probably start working on it again. Nag me about this one, too.

  7. go to that street where Pete and Pete was filmed
    This one was a late addition. Since I was really bored at the end of the quarter, I was watching some Pete & Pete episodes that I had lying around on my computer. I slowed down the credits in order to check who did all the music (Polaris did most. Others mentioned/thanked included Fat Tulips and Drop Thirteens, all good bands.) and, while doing so, I manged to discover the street that most of the show was filmed. At least that's what I think. Why else would they thank an entire street? Anyway, it's in Jersey, so I figured I could get a ride there from someone(s). Any takers?
Hrm...I really haven't done much. I'd better hurry.

Meanwhile, on a completely unrelated note, they brought back Razzles! First it's candy...then it's gum! I used to get these things all the time, but Wawa stopped selling them. Jerks. They finally brough them back though (with a new wrapper...see webcam). I mean, what other food starts out as multi-colored candy and ends up as a mass of oddly-flavored brown gum? I believe there's only one. And it's back. Oh yeah.