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rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-06-12 00:00:00

No more ear pussing. That's good. I just let it go for a few days and then yanked this big chunk of scab out of there. Seems to be fine now. Now, if that didn't turn you away in disgust, I'll continue ranting on about my life.

To my suprise, I actually did stuff. It all started on sunday night, about 3am. Nikiki IMed me and wanted to know if I wanted to go to Hooters with her and some of her friends. An invitation to Hooters? I couldn't really turn that down. I never found out why she wanted to take her friend to hooters for her birthday...her friend being a girl and all.

Anyway, after a late start (left at 9:30 instead of ~7:00) I hopped into the car and we made our way to Atlantic City...and Hooters. Once we started moving, I discovered that rap/r&b/hiphop was being played on the car stereo. This was a very bad omen. I didn't say all too much 'cause I didn't know all of the people there, but I hoped that something less...crappy...would be put on instead. In the mean time, I just rolled down my window and let the wind mask the music. The music did change, but it just bounced around more and more crap. Now, I try to keep an open mind..especially on music..but at one point I snapped. Someone had said that they didn't understand how people could say any kind of music sucked, and I went off. I think it was my, "all music is crap" theory. "For every song ever made, there is at least one person who says that it sucks. Therefore, all music is crap." Something like that. It's really poor logic, i know, but it usually ends a 'which music sucks and which music doesn't suck' conversation. I hate it when people try and state their opinion as fact and will go to the extent of arguing to show that your opinion is 'wrong'. In her defense, she didn't actually argue much of anything, but I had a feeling it was coming and the onslaught of crappy music was making me a bit edgy. "Sorry."

Anyway, we eventually made it to Atlantic City and we got to Hooters. I had been told before that the place doesn't live up to it's name. They were right. I mean, it wasn't bad, but more boobage would have been nice. Hooters was a rather loud and silly place, and I think you all know what goes on there anyway, so I'll just skip to the post-Hooters part. We basically just walked until the boards ended. Then walked back. Walking there was pretty boring, but the way back was a bit more interesting. We decided to walk on the beach a bit. You know...'cause it was there and all. So, as we were walking, there was this baby shark or dolphin or something. Naturally, I backed away a bit and laughed at it. I mean, it has the whole ocean to swim in, and it gets stuck at the shore. If you can't see the humour in that, something is wrong with you. Once my laughter died down, I walked closer towards it to try and see what it was. It was bigger than I thought it was, but what was it going to do? Flap wildly at me? Just as I was getting close to it, it managed to swim away. Oh well.

Once we got back to the boards, we spotted some shirtless guy with a bird on his shoulder...then he spotted us. I never got too close to this guy, but the people in our party who did assured me that the guy was wasted. He persisted on talking to us. I was laughing most of the time, but I did find out that the bird's name was 'ganja' and that the bird did, in fact, crap on the guys back. At that point, we went to go use the swings so that 'bird-man' could get far, far away from us.

Nothing really happened after that. We got back to the car and hung out on top of the parking garage for a while and then we drove back. Nikiki got sorta lost, so it took us a few hours to get back. The music situation, yet again, made me want to kill things. This time there was both britney spears and christina agiularia (or however she insists on spelling that). That sucked hardcore. I used to say that britney spears couldn't sing without having listened to much of any of her 'songs' i can say for sure that she can't sing to save her life. No wonder she lip-syncs at all her concerts. Bah. Eventually the soundtrack to some teen movie that i never saw got put in and was played for hours. There was a song from Cold on there and some other song that didn't suck too bad. Eventually I ended up at Dennys with Nikiki and wasted money on some awful breakfast. That was about it.

Hrm...doing stuff makes ranting easier. But is it really worth it...?