the flags were all dead atop their poles...

rant by Ugly Joe
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2002-06-06 00:00:00

Well, my ear is still pussing and junk. It kinda sucks. Oh, and i got this in my mailbox:

Yeah. Click on it. Buy their cd and stuff (when it comes out). Meanwhile, it's been all stormy recently. Since my computer's have been off because of it, I decided to play Final Fantasy 7. I never got too far in it, so it's still new to me. It's more fun than I remember. The whole situation that Tifa and Aeris put Cloud in is kind of humorous. I try to make Cloud be nice to Tifa, but not piss off Aeris. They both seem to get pissed at me. Oh well. Too bad I know that Aeris is going to die, or else it'd be more fun...well, until she dies...that would be sad, i guess. Yeah, sad. At least I don't know exactly what is wrong with Cloud. That keeps some mystery to the story.

Also, to help try and cure this ever-present boredom of mine, my Mom went through the basement where she works and found old computer stuff. She brought it home as I was mowing the lawn. The back of her Jimmy was full of old computer stuff. I was quite happy (and sweaty...but that's because of the lawn and stupid jersey weather). So now I have a c64 with 5.25 drive and printer and an apple //e with moniter and two 5.25 drives. And some extra stuff. The problem is that I don't have any disks for them. Actually, I don't have any 5.25 disks at all. My Dad informed me that there's an old computer lying around where he works that has a 5.25 in it and a few disks; and that I could go in and yoink it out of there. With any luck, I can get these things up and running to their fullest potential.